• Rates indicated are subject to 6% GST.
  • GST will be charged at 6%* on Recharge/Reload amount at the point of sale.
    * If sold in a tourist establishment GST will be charged at the prevailing tourism sector GST rate.

  • 1. Should Recharge Vouchers be used within a certain period of time?

    Recharge vouchers don't have any validity period. Customers can keep recharge vouchers for years unless it is recharged.

    Denomination Validity:

    MVR 50 -> 45 Days
    MVR 100 -> 90 Days
    MVR 200 -> 180 Days
    MVR 500 -> 365 Days

    Reload validity

    Reload Amount (MVR) Validity Extension (Days)
    8 - 19 10
    20 - 49 20
    50 - 99 45
    100 - 199 90
    200 - 499 180
    500 - 1000 365
  • 2. What will happen if I click on a photo on
    If you click a photo on the, you will be notified that you are accessing a content that might apply Data charges. Accessing Photos and visiting external links will incur Data charges.

  • 3. Can I top up my account whenever I wish to?
    Yes, you can top up your account anytime you like. The maximum amount allowed per Pre-Paid account is MVR 3000.
  • 4. How do I top up my mobile?
    To recharge your account press *141* followed by the 16 digit voucher number, # key and press SEND.

    Eg: *141*12345678912365478# and SEND

    Once successfully recharged, you can see a flash message on your mobile screen and also receive an SMS confirmation.

    You can also call 151 and follow the voice instructions to recharge your account.
  • 5. How can I check my account balance?
    To check your account balance press *142# 

    Your account balance will be displayed on your mobile screen.

    You can also check you account balance at any time by calling the free phone number 152 from your mobile phone.
  • 6. Can I activate Daily RED Benefits AILY RED BENEFITS before the expiry of my existing RED Benefits?
    You will be able to activate Daily RED Benefits when your existing RED Benefits expire. expired.

  • 7. Can I change my existing prepaid plan to RED?
    Yes, you can change your existing prepaid package to RED, by visiting any Dhiraagu front Office.

  • 8. Can I enroll to Prepaid Rewards?
    Yes, you can enroll to Dhiraagu Prepaid Reward and redeem your points with rewards bundles.

  • 9. I have subscribed to an SMS bundle. If I activate Daily RED Benefits, can I still be able to SMS at 1 Laari?
    If you have subscribed to an SMS bundle, or if you have redeemed your rewards points for an SMS bundle, your FREE SMS will be exhausted first. After that you can enjoy SMS at 1 Laari till your Daily RED Benefits expire (which is 24 hours from activation)