dhiraagu pay

"convenient. secure. reliable"

dhiraagu pay is an electronic wallet and mobile pay system available for all Dhiraagu mobile customers.

Cash-in your wallet at any Dhiraagu outlet or our nominated dhiraagu pay agents or online from our website below and you are good to go.

Your wallet is a great and convenient way to do the following:

  • pay dhiraagu bills
  • pay merchant bills
  • prepaid recharge (dhiraagu numbers)
  • sending money to any local number on any network
  • request money from family and friends

Your dhiraagu pay wallet and your transactions are secured with a PIN

Unique features only available on dhiraagu pay
  • NFC stickers – making any phone a smartphone 
  • Send money - to any number on any local network

For Terms and Conditions - click here
Terms of service for cash-in via bank transfers - click here

dhiraagu pay NFC Cards

Everyday transactions made easier with dhiraagu pay NFC Cards

  • Just Tap & enter your PIN
  • Set a limit for each card
  • Link up to 3 cards to each dhiraagu pay account.

To apply for dhiraagu pay NFC cards,
  • Download & Fill the application form 

  • and visit one of our Customer Service Centres

Now you can cash in to your dhiraagu pay wallet simply using your bank card or by doing a bank transfer. Click below on your preference!

DhiraaguPay Promotion

5% instant cashback for each DhiraaguPay payment

Go Digital and get 5% instant cashback for each payment via DhiraaguPay!
For Terms and Conditions, please click here.

  • Get Started
    We have 2 levels of registration depending on the Wallet limit the customer desires:

    Quick Registration

    Create a Wallet with limit MVR 5,000 (applicable for locals only)

    USSD Menu

    • Dial  *777# 
    • For Maldivians, enter your ID number.
    • Agree to Terms & Conditions
    • You can now use your Dhiraagu pay Wallet.

    dhiraagu pay App

    • Download the app (dhiraagu pay) from App Store or Google Play Store 
    • Enter ID No. for Maldivians only
    • Agree to Terms & Conditions
    • Set the Wallet pin and you are good to go.

    Enhanced Registration

    To create or increase wallet limit to MVR 20,000 (for locals & Expatriates) 

    • Visit Dhiraagu with your National ID or Work Permit & Passport.( with a validity period of at least 14 days)
    • Fill out a dhiraagu pay application Form
    • If all required info/documents are provided, Dhiraagu staff will activate your account immediately.
    • Download the app (dhiraagu pay) from App Store or Google Play Store or use the USSD menu to set the pin and you are good to use the dhiraagu pay wallet. 

  • Using dhiraagu pay

    Cash in

    • Cash in at any dhiraagu pay Agent or Dhiraagu Customer Services Center. 
    • The dhiraagu pay agent will initiate the cash-in.
    • Once successful, both you and the dhiraagu pay agent will receive an SMS confirming the cash-in.

    Send Money

    • You can send money to any mobile phone user in Maldives, whether on Dhiraagu or any other network.
    • Use dhiraagu pay App, select Send Money. Or dial *777# and select Send Money from USSD Menu.    
    • Enter the recipient mobile number and the amount you wish to transfer. 
    • Confirm the recipient number and amount by entering your dhiraagu pay PIN.
    • Recipient's wallet will receive the e-money sent and both you and the recipient will receive a confirmation SMS. 
    • Your request to send money to another would not be completed if:
          a. you have insufficient funds in your dhiraagu pay wallet to complete a transaction as well as cover the related charges;
          b. you have reached the maximum account balance limit prescribed by dhiraagu;
          c. you have reached the daily limit prescribed by dhiraagu
          d. your Account has been temporarily suspended or permanently frozen on valid grounds.

    Cash out

    • Walks in to Dhiraagu Customer Service center or a dhiraagu pay agent to withdraw cash. And provide your mobile phone number at the counter. 
    • You will be required to enter your PIN to confirm the cash-out transaction request.
    • All cash-out requests are subject to applicable charges and transaction limits.
    • Once successful, both you and the dhiraagu pay agent will receive an SMS confirming the cash-out.


    You literally pay nothing

    • Dhiraagu Pay Registration is FREE. 
    • Cash-in (buying E-Money from an Agent) is FREE.
    • Person to Person transfer is FREE for both registered customer.
    • Prepaid Recharge using Dhiraagu Mobile Money is FREE.
    • Check Balance is FREE.
    • Changing your PIN is FREE..
    • No subscription / annual fees
    • No minimum balance required.

  • Cash in

    Bank Card

    • Enter your DhiraaguPay number and reconfirm.
    • Enter the amount you want to cash in.
    • Proceed to your preferred payment gateway.
    • Enter your card details and complete the cash in progress.

    Bank Transfer

    Cash in procedure for customers:

    • Customers can only request through the cash in portal to submit bank transfer receipts. You can access the cash in portal via Dhiraagu website and DhiraaguPay Application.
    • Customer needs to visit Dhiraagu website/DhiraaguPay Application and fill the below customer information on the dedicated Cash-in portal:

    Full Name
    DhiraaguPay registered number
    Amount for Cash-in

    Note: Once the customer enters the above details, we will check if you have reached your daily velocities and daily wallet limits. Upon successful verification, you would be asked to transfer money.

    • Transfer the cash-in amount to the dedicated Dhiraagu BML bank account and upload the receipt to the portal and key in the transaction reference number displayed on the receipt provided by the bank.
    • In case where the bank transferred amounts exceeds the current limit of the wallet, the full amount will be reimbursed within 2 (two) business days.

    Direct cash in via CBM Account

    Registration for the service

    CMB customers can follow the below simple steps to register for direct cash in:

    • Log in to CBM Online Banking and go to Payments & Settlements, Bill Payments.
    • Select payment category as “Mobile Wallet”, service provider as “Dhiraagu Pay Wallet”.
    • Fill in the mobile number, NIC number and billing name.

    Steps to top up the DhiraaguPay e-wallet;

    • Select 'Mobile Wallet' under 'Payments & Settlements'.
    • Select the Bank Account number and fill the other details.
    • Fill in the payment amount and click submit to complete the DhiraaguPay e-wallet top-up.
    • An SMS is delivered to your phone confirming the cash in transaction.
  • Promotions

    • Charges

      Value Range in
      Service Charge
      Cash-In 1.00 - wallet limit Free*
      Cash-Out 0 50 1
      51 100 2
      101 250 4
      251 500 5
      501 1,000 10
      1,001 3,000 25
      3,001 5,000 40
      Transfer to Wallet (P2P - send money) Min 1 Free
      Transfer to Unregistered Customers 10 - 2,000 Cash out charges

      * Bank charges may apply when cashed in via website.
    • Agents & Outlets


      • Male'
        • Dhiraagu Airport Shop
        • Dhiraagu Customer Service Center
        • Dhiraagu Hulhumale' Front Office
        • Payer
        • FI ES Systems Pvt. Ltd.
      • Gulhi
        • Excite
      • Eydhafushi
        • Dhiraagu Eydhafushi Operation Center
      • Feydhoo
        • Dhiraagu Feydhoo Customer Front office
      • Hithadhoo
        • Dhiraagu Hithadhoo Operation Center
      • Hulhumeedhoo
        • Dhiraagu Hulhumeedhoo Customer Front office
      • Maradhoo-Feydhoo
        • Dhiraagu Maradhoo-Feydhoo Customer Front office
      • Fuvahmulah
        • Dhiraagu Fuvahmulah Operation Center
        • Rapid
        • iBay
      • Gadhdhoo
        • Dhiraagu Gadhdhoo Operation Center
      • Thinadhoo
        • Dhiraagu Thinadhoo Operation Center
      • Kulhudhuffushi
        • Dhiraagu Kulhudhuffushi Operation Center
      • Kurinbi
        • Feseyha Recharge
      • Gan
        • Dhiraagu Gan Operation Center
      • Alifushi
        • Fahi Pay Pvt. Ltd.


      • Male'
        • 365 Plus
        • Albion Store
        • Allied Insurance
        • Amana Takaful Maldives
        • Auto Parts Galore
        • Aventurine
        • Ayady Takaful
        • Bakers Fantasy
        • Baywatch Style
        • Bread Matters Gallery
        • Bread Matters Urban
        • Café Retreat
        • Cancer Society of Maldives
        • China Garden
        • Cino Cafe'
        • City Gelato
        • City Garden
        • City Showroom 01
        • City Showroom 04
        • City Snacks
        • Cyza Salon
        • Dhi Mart
        • Dhon Manik
        • Dhon Manik Sky View
        • Ehee Jamiyya
        • Eye Care Opticals
        • Eye Care Opticals 2
        • Fantasy
        • Fantasy Bakery
        • Ghiyasuddin International School
        • Grill Hut
        • Hardware Mark
        • Horn Trade
        • ibay
        • Lets Coffee Maldives
        • Magna Mart
        • Mischief
        • No. 17th
        • Nouvelle Bistro
        • Novelty Bookshop
        • Olive Garden
        • Olive Garden Delivery
        • One Shop
        • Oxygen Blue
        • Oxygen Cafe'
        • Pet kings
        • Personal Computers
        • Retreat Delight
        • Seahouse brasserie
        • Seahouse brasserie - Staff lounge
        • Sonee Home
        • SINAF
        • Solarelle Insurance
        • Sonee Hardware
        • Souk
        • South Beach Cafe'
        • The Kitchen
        • The Olive Garden
        • The Seahouse Café
        • Tiny Hearts of Maldives
        • West Diner
        • Zeeba's Deli and Café
      • Hulhumale'
        • Arami
        • Bread Matters Platinum
        • City Ride
        • Club Blu
        • Eureka Hardware
        • GG's Bistro and Kitchen
        • Haiythari Mart
        • Maabaa Mart
        • Oishii - The House of Sushi
        • Retreat Cafe'
        • Sonee Hardware
        • Thai Palace Restaurent
        • Tree Top Hospital
      • Vilimale'
        • Xie Xie
        • Seed
      • Velana International Airport
        • Champs Bar
        • Buruzu Investment Pvt. Ltd.
      • Fuvahmulah
        • Highway29 Restaurent
        • ibay
        • Mart Traders
        • Mummy
        • Pebbles by Royal
        • Royal Restaurent
        • Runway 29
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        • Cafe' Laamu
        • Leziz
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        • Suvadive
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        • Yess Press Mart
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        • Best Buddy
        • Carnival Cafe
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        • Fehidhoola
        • Fenda Investment Pvt Ltd
        • Hunk
        • La Stanza
        • Onza Invesetments
        • Raiydhoola
        • Satheyka
        • W Knit
      • Nellaidhoo
        • Vona Mart
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