Unwelcome calls and Messages

There may be times when you happen to receive unwanted calls or messages which can be disturbing, misleading or even abusive and threatening.
And then you find that a lot of your friends on the same network have received the same messages and calls.
While we don’t share your number and information with third parties, it may be easy for someone to just pick random seven digit numbers starting with 7 and then end up sending messages or generating calls to a vast group of customers on the network. These can be hoax messages or calls prompting you to talk, call back, reply and act on it.

Some examples of hoax messages;

"You have won X million dollars….Call back to claim your prize [sent from an unknown number]."

"Call me back urgently [sent from unknown number]"

As soon as it comes to our attention that such messages are being sent to a number of customers within our network, we act quickly to block identified numbers. However, sometimes these activities can even originate overseas or through a computer programme and scam operators can continue to call or send messages through other means.

So…what do I do?
As your telecommunications provider, we hope to provide you with tips and suggestions on how you can handle such situations and exercise caution.
Hang up on the unknown caller without speaking.
Do not call back or reply to messages from unknown numbers or sources, even if it is to ask not to disturb you. Replying will identify you as an active respondent which may result in more unwelcome calls or texts for you. 
If the calls or SMS are abusive or threatening, you may report to the police
Check your phone’s user guide. You can block unwanted calls or SMS as some phones have this feature.

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