International Roaming

"Travelling Abroad? Don't lose touch with your clients and partners."

Enjoy your business trip with no worries on getting a local SIM and calling card from each of the destinations. Make sure you take your Dhiraagu mobile, so you don't need to spend foreign exchange on calls!


Aero Mobile Service
To stay in touch, you don't have to wait to be on ground. With our exclusive ground breaking service,
you can call mid-air. If you are flying an aircraft equipped with AeroMobile technology.

While mobiles are still required to be switched off during take-off and landing, customers onboard AeroMobile
equipped flights will be advised by the cabin crew when they may use their mobiles.


    Call To
    Call Within Roaming Country
    Call To Other Countries
    Incoming Call
    SMS Sent
    GPRS Per MB
    Sri Lanka 25 6 50 13 9 130
    India 32 19 50 32 9 260
    Thailand 32 13 50 13 9 190
    Malaysia 32 13 50 13 9 190
    Singapore 32 13 50 13 9 190
    Europe 40 40 50 20 9 190
    Rest of the World
    (Applied for Aeromobile)
    50 50 50 25 9 260

    • All voice calls are charged per minute.
    • While Roaming, SMS Received will not be charged but SMS Sent will be charged.
    • GPRS will be charged per 10KB (customer's total usage will be rounded up to the nearest 10 to calculate the final charge).
    • Rates will not differ depending on the network a customer choose to roam in a country. The same rate would apply for all operators within a given country.
    • Roaming calls maybe updated within 1 to 30 days.
    Per 10KB
    Bangladesh ,Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka ** 0.5 5.0 25 9 2.09
    Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore ** 0.5 5.0 15 5 2.09
    Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Macau, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Myanmar, Taiwan, Laos, Philippines, Vietnam ** 0.5 5.0 40 6 2.09
    Saudi Arabia ** 0.5 5.0 15 4 2.09
    Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, United States, United Kingdom, Yugoslavia - 0.5 5.0 50 10 2.09
    Rest of the World - 0.5 5.0 60 12 2.09

    • * Inbound roaming only
    • **Outbound roaming only
    • * GPRS charges will be applied in addition to MMS charges.
    • ** For these rates refer to the table below.

    Making Calls
    To Maldives (MVR)
    Making Calls
    To Local (MVR)
    Sri Lanka    
    Dialog 56 6
    Mobitel 56 6
    Etisalat 56 6
    Du 65 15
    Hong Kong    
    PCCW 36 5
    Saudi Arabia    
    Al-Jawwal 25 4
  • All charges are Maldivian Rufiyaa.
  • FAQ
    • Why am I charged for receiving calls?

      Customers are not charged for incoming calls while in the local network. However, customers are charged for calls received while roaming, since it will be an international call. The caller may not be aware that customer is on roaming, but the roamer has the option of accepting or declining this international call. This makes it logical for the roamer to bear the cost of receiving the call. This is the globally accepted standard for charging of incoming calls while on roaming.

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