Discount Schemes

"Take an opportunity to make savings with fixed line discount scheme!"

Our Corporate Discount Scheme offers large organizations an opportunity to make savings on your Business phone line costs. You can register for the scheme through an Application form.

≥ 30,000 and < 100,000
≥ 100,000 and < 200,000
≥ 200,000
Monthly call charges (MVR) 4% 5% 6%

Terms and Conditions

  • The discount will apply for calls made to Dhiraagu mobile and fixed numbers from all fixed lines under your account.
  • Calls to satellite phones, to special numbers such as 110 (Directory Enquiries), 126 and 128 (Internet dial up numbers) and to premium rate numbers will not be applicable for discount.
  • This scheme cannot be used with any other fixed line National or IDD discount scheme.
  • You may apply to disconnect from the scheme at any time but Dhiraagu will actually do the disconnection at the end of the billing month, during which you will continue to enjoy the discount.

The minimum period of subscription is 12 months.

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