Video Conferencing

"Talk to your clients face-to-face. Communications without the hassle and expense of travel."

Holding meetings, share ideas and product demonstrations. Take part in seminars or a class and make your presentations. With video conferencing, save on your travel time and expenses.

Video Conferencing
  • Cost effective.
  • Less travel time and expenses.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Improved business efficiency.
  • Better communications.
    1 Simply call the first person as you would for a normal telephone call.
    2 When he or she answers your call, press hook- flash to put the person on "conference hold". You will now hear the dial-tone and the person on hold will hear ring back tone.
    3 Call the second person.
    4 When the call is answered, press hook-flash then 3. The three of you can now talk to each other.
    5 You will need:
    • An ISDN connection
    • Video conferencing Equipment
    6 Just write to us at , or call us at 123. A dedicated account manager will assist you with all your needs.


Setup Fee (MVR)
Hourly Charge (MVR)
Usage Charge
Outgoing Domestic or international Call 500 500 Standard ISDN Call Charges (in 15 minute blocks)
Incoming Domestic Call 500 500 -
Incoming International Call 500 2,000 -

Set Up
Our video conferencing equipment can be set up wherever our ISDN data connection is available. At present, Dhiraagu ISDN service is available in Male', K.Vilingili, Hulhule', Hullhumale., Eydhafushi, Kulhudhuffushi and on islands with telephone number ranges 650XXXX, 652XXXX, 664XXXX, 665XXXX, 666XXXX, 668XXXX and 670XXXX.

***Internationally, the service will be available to countries with which Dhiraagu has established ISDN data connectivity. Contact your Sales Manager for assistance.

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