Vessel Tracking

The track information is available on any computer with an internet connection and it will automatically send up to 10 emails and/or text messages notifying of events on the vessel.

This allows you to keep track of the vessels from anywhere in the world. Ensure your vessel security and safety with the help of a distress button to send immediate emergency alerts.

Vessel Tracking
  • An advanced Google Earth interface allowing you to overlay a trace (breadcrumb trail) of their vessel, or fleet of vessels, with their exact current location and precisely where they have been.
  • The ability to arm/disarm the geo-fence & sensors from the website, ping/poll the vessel at any time for the vessel’s exact position.
  • Track the movement, adjust the geo-fence radius and reporting intervals for a boat, or a fleet of boats, located anywhere in the world.
  • Have up to 10 text or email recipients for alerts with the ability to select which alerts go to which users.
  • Allows multiple users to hold different levels of access to the site, from view only options to complete control of entire fleets.
  • It is Inmarsat based which means it has truly global coverage with the exception of the extreme north and south poles, a huge advantage over our competition.
    1 Just let us know your needs, and an account manager and a technical expert will sit with you, and take you through all the details.
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