Fax Mail

"You can receive alerts for your incoming faxes while you are on the move. Print them out on any fax machine. Get your business going... wherever you are!"

Whenever you receive a fax, you are notified through an alert to your mobile phone. You can then retrieve your faxes on any fax machine - when it's convenient for you, even when you are abroad and even if you don’t have your own fax machine.

Subscribe to FaxMail service and you get your very own private fax number and a mailbox in Dhiraagu to store your faxes.

Fax Mail
  • Protect your confidential faxes with passwords.
  • Retrieve your faxes at your convenience.
  • Get your very own private fax number and a mailbox in Dhiraagu to store your faxes.
    1 Apply for Fax Mail.
    2 To set up your mailbox, call 700 from your mobile phone and enter your password, if required. Your default password is 6666. Follow the voice instructions carefully and complete the set up. You will need to do this only once.
    3 To receive your fax messages from a fixed line, call 7770000 (+960 7770000 if you are calling from overseas) and enter your mobile phone number followed by the # key.

  • Connection: Free.
  • Monthly: MVR 30.
  • FaxMail retrieval : Calls while in the Maldives charged as a normal call to a mobile phone.
  • Calls from overseas: charged at the international calling rate from that country to the Maldives. If you are roaming, calls will be charged at rates determined by the mobile operator in that country.

Terms and Conditions

  • FaxMail functions similarly to VoiceMail where fax messages can be stored, retrieved, saved or deleted. When you subscribe to Mobile FaxMail, you also get VoiceMail service at no additional charge.
  • Both voice and fax messages will be deposited in the same mailbox.
  • Your mailbox can store a total of 15 voice and fax messages for up to 7 days.
  • Each voice message can be 2 minutes long and a total of 15 fax pages can be stored in your mailbox.
  • Please remember to clear your messages regularly to ensure your mailbox does not run out of capacity.
  • If you are using Mobile Fax service, you already have a fax number and we will not assign you a new fax number.
  • If you are a VoiceMail customer and have applied for FaxMail, your password will be reset to the default 6666, and your VoiceMail greeting to the default greeting.
  • As FaxMail and VoiceMail share the same mailbox, anyone calling your normal mobile number and is diverted to your VoiceMail will be given the option of leaving you a fax message. We therefore recommend that you record an appropriate personal greeting to prompt your callers. For example, "Hello, this is Moosey. Please leave me a message after the tone or press 3 to leave a fax”.
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