"Your peace of mind that, with special services for your network. We ensure that there is no intrusion into your network, and comes with anti-virus, anti-spam and web content filtering."

Dhiraagu offers Managed security services by providing dedicated firewall or virtual firewall with Unified Threat Management (UTM) which protect you from internet attack, stopping unauthorized access and preventing worms, Trojans, and viruses from taking down your network.

This proactive security service keeps your network up and running at optimal effectiveness and efficiency with superior performance, security and reliability.

  • internal and external networks by restricting the types of traffic allowed on the network
  • inappropriate attempts to access the network, systems, services, applications, or data. Intrusion detection services rely on network-based or host-based monitors, and often match monitored traffic or activity against profiles of known attacks
  • Our Anti-Spam (AS) has greater than 94% spam catch rate and less than 0.01% false positive rate
  • Web Content Filtering that isolates and block content deemed inappropriate according to internal policies or regulatory policies
  • Antivirus Protection to ensure your network traffic is checked for viruses at the gateway or firewall as well as in e-mail messages, attachments and file transfers, with automatic updates to antivirus definition files
    1 Just let us know your needs, and an account manager and a technical expert will sit with you, and take you through all the details.
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