Local Lease Lines

"Have more than one business centre? On the same island?"

We offer you secure, reliable and economical and high-speed data communication between two or more offices in the same island. Have point-to-point direct connections and connect your networks.

Local Lease Lines
  • Interconnecting Remote office to HQ LAN - Interconnection of remote office LAN's for database sharing, E-mail transfer or other forms of wide-area collaborative computing (e.g. Intranet)
  • Accessing Remote LAN server / host - Remote access to LAN servers / hosts by small branch office with client stations but no local servers
  • Remote backup / database mirroring at a remote sites - Connection of remote hosts for database mirroring or backup purpose


Installation Once-Off Charge
PABX External Extension MVR 115 MVR 1,720
2-Wire (Analog Leased Line) MVR 115 MVR 1,720
4-Wire (Analog Leased Line) MVR 230 MVR 1,720
6-Wire (Analog Leased Line) MVR 345 MVR 1,720

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