More FAQ
  • 1. How do I know where Dhiraagu Wireless Zones are located and how many are there?

    Just look out for the ‘Dhiraagu Wireless Zone’ banners or sign boards. Currently 25 sites in Male and 58 islands of Maldives have the Dhiraagu Wireless Zone facility.

  • 2. How does Dhiraagu Wireless Zones work?

    Dhiraagu established Wireless Zones, which transmits a radio signal to a user's wireless LAN card (compliant to IEEE802.11b/g standard) with the Service Set Identifier (SSID) configured to ‘Dhiraagu Wireless Zone’.

    With a properly installed and configured wireless LAN card, a customer launches his/her Internet Browser at a Dhiraagu Wireless Zone and receives a web-based log-in page to enter his Login ID and Password. Once his/her account information is authenticated, he/she will be connected to the Internet via Dhiraagu Wireless Zone. With full connectivity to the Internet, customers can access any Internet resources, as well as any corporate networks to which they have access via the Internet.