Phone Meeting

More FAQ
  • 1. How do I use the service?

    The meeting organizer informs all participants of the time of the meeting and a “meeting room number” of your choice (any 6-digit number) to enter the “meeting room”.

    This “meeting room number” is like the key to your “virtual meeting room” so please choose a random number that will be hard for someone to guess and keep it confidential among the meeting participants only.

    We also advise that you choose a different “meeting room number” for every meeting.

    At the agreed time all participants dial the PhoneMeeting number 130 from any phone and follow the voice instructions.

    When asked to enter the “meeting room number”, key in the pre-agreed “meeting room number” using the phone keypad.

    When the “meeting room number” is entered correctly, the caller will get access to the meeting.

    The first party entering the meeting will hear music until a second person joins in.

    Start talking when two or more members join the meeting.

  • 2. Do I need a special kind of equipment to use this service?

    You need a regular phone with tone dialing capability instead of the old style rotary dial or pulse dial phones.

  • 3. I cannot dial the “meeting room number” from my office phone. My phone dials another number instead of letting me key in the “meeting room number”. Why is that?

    Most office phone systems equipped with Executive class desk phones require you to dial a prefix before you can dial extra digits during a call, which is also called “DTMF sending”.

    Usually this prefix is pound key (#). E.g. if your “meeting room number” is 789234 then you would need to dial #789234. If this does not work, you may need to ask your phone system administrator to find out your prefix for “DTMF sending”.

  • 4. Can I invite a participant from abroad to join my meeting?

    Yes, participants joining from outside the Maldives should dial +960 3340 130. Note that this number can only be accesses from outside Maldives. If you try to call this number within the Maldives you will hear a message saying that the number you dialed is incorrect.

  • 5. Where is the Service Available?

    Anyone anywhere can use this service. Whether you are a customer of Dhiraagu or not, calling from a mobile phone or fixedline, calling from abroad or within Maldives you have access to this service.