Fixed Line

At Dhiraagu, we give you easy accessibility to your clients and customers as well as your suppliers. With our business lines you are assured the best services available.

Business Line
  • We have a dedicated account manager to assist you with all your business needs.
  • Just send us an e-mail to , and let us know your needs.
  • You have a choice between our basic PSTN and ISDN.

  • Charges

    Below are the charges for installation and monthly rental for telephones lines within the islands where the existing Dhiraagu Fixed Telephone network is available.

    List of islands where Dhiraagu Fixed network is available: Male’, Hulhule’, Hulhumale’, K.Villingili, S.Hithadhoo, S.Maradhoo, S. Maradhoo Feydhoo, S. Feydhoo, S.Gan, S.Hulhudhoo S.Meedhoo, Gn Fua Mulah. Ga.Thinadhoo, B.Eydhafushi and Hdh.Kulhudhufushi.
    Monthly Rental (MVR)
    Installation (MVR)
    First Telephone Line 30 1,720
    If there is a working cable or and ADSL Line in the Premises 30  860 

    Below are the charges for installation and monthly rental for telephones lines in the islands where Dhiraagu Fixed Telephone network is not available.

    Monthly Rental (MVR)
    Installation (MVR)
    First Telephone Line 2,580 2,990 - 12,650
    Second Telephone Line
    1,770 2,990 - 9,200 
    Third Telephone Line
    1,050  2,990 - 6,330
    Fourth Line and Above
    1,020  2,990
    Off Male' Government Lines  1,590  2,990 - 12,650

    Telephone Services

    Change of ownership 100
    Change of Number 290
    Change of Billing Address Free
    Telephone Internal Wiring - for a maximum of 50 feet of Wiring (6p cable) 500
     Additional Wiring (per 5 feet)  150
    Move of Line (same residence or office floor) 500
    Move of Line (other than above) 1,720
    Connection of Extension Telephone (per extension) 500
    Unlisted Number Service Per Month 55
    Temporary Suspension of Service 115
    Reconnection Fee 100
  • Video Conferencing

    Below are the charges for Video Conferencing

    Setup Fee (MVR)
    Hourly Charges (MVR)
    Outgoing Domestic
    or International Call*
    500 500
    Incoming Domestic Call 500 500
    Incoming International Call 500 2,000
    * Charges for outgoing domestic and international call is the standard ISDN Call Charges (in 15 minute blocks)

  • Nice Numbers

    Given below are the prices for Nice Numbers

    Price (MVR)
    Category A 2,000
    Category B 1,500
    Category C 1,000
  • Call Rates

    Below are the call rates from our Fixed Line service.

    #00 are calls to roamers on Dhiraagu network at special local rates.
    * Fixedlines to Mobile calls are charged Rf 0.69 from 6pm - 6am plus all day Friday & Rf 0.95 from 6am-6pm.
    ** Reverse charges to the called number

  • FAQ
    • What are the optional services?

      The optional services include:

      • Caller ID (where available)
      • Star Plus services
      • Friends & Family discount scheme

    • What is a Home Phone Line?
    • What do I need to use the service?