Dhiraagu TV

The Maldives’ first nationwide IPTV Service.  Enjoy the same channels anywhere, everywhere.

With over 60 channels, Dhiraagu TV brings you a host of premium channels on which you can watch the latest movies, TV shows, news channels, documentaries and much more.

Joy Box

JoyBox…small but highly versatile

Our state of the art set-top box streaming DhiraaguTV straight to your living room. 

The JoyBox can also act as your media centre. Simply plug in a USB storage device and you can view your personal collection of movies, TV shows with no difficulty.

It comes with its own Bluetooth remote, and “find me” feature meaning you never have to look under the sofa again. 


Watch Dhiraagu TV…Anywhere , Everywhere

Dhiraagu TV is available on our nation wide network to:

  • Ha. Dhiddhoo
  • H Dh.Kulhudhufushi
  • K. Male'
  • K. Maafushi
  • L. Fonadhoo
  • L. Gan

  • Sh. Funadhoo
  • R. Dhuvaafaru
  • K. Dhiffushi
  • K. Thulusdhoo
  • Ga. Vilingili
  • Gn. Fuvahmulah

  • B. Dharavandhoo
  • B. Eydhafushi
  • K. Gulhi
  • K. Guraidhoo
  • G Dh. Thinadhoo
  • S. Hulhudhoo

  • Lh. Hinnavaru
  • Lh. Naifaru
  • A A. Rasdhoo
  • A A. Thoddoo
  • S. Hithadhoo
  • S. Maradhoo

  • K.Hulhule
  • K.Hulhumale
  • A Dh. Maamigili
  • A Dh. Dhangethi
  • S. Maradhoo-Feydhoo
  • S. Meedhoo
  • K. Himmafushi
  • K. Villimale
  • A Dh. Dhigurah
  • Dh. Kudahuvadhoo
  • S. Feydhoo
  • S. Funadhoo
  • S. Gan

Once signed up. You can easily view Dhiraagu TV on any of your devices be it laptop, smartphone or tablet. 

Standard internet charges apply if you are viewing over our 3G / 4G broadband network.

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    Hindi Entertainment