Corporate Governance


Dhiraagu’s commitment to business practices that are fair, ethical and sustainable remains steadfast and unwavering. The Board of Directors of Dhiraagu, as guardian of these principles, continues to reinforce existing governance mechanisms to ensure the continued trust of our customers, shareholders and partners. 


Our principal point of reference in sound corporate governance is Dhiraagu Corporate Governance (CG) Code, which sets out the guidelines for the effective conduct of the Board of Directors of Dhiraagu. The Board of Directors are responsible for establishing the Company’s policies, strategies and regularly monitor the effectiveness of the Management in carrying out the policies and strategies of the Company, in line with the CG Code. The Remuneration, Nomination and Governance Committee of the Board is responsible for periodically reviewing Dhiraagu CG Code to ensure our practices conform to regulatory standards. Dhiraagu CG Code can be downloaded from

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