CloudVOICE (Hosted PBX)

"A smart, hassle-free voice solution for businesses"

Dhiraagu CloudVOICE is a hosted PBX service which allows you to utilize the functionality of a fully-featured business telephone system over your existing broadband Internet connection. 

With this solution, you will not have to install any dedicated equipment or telephone lines at your premises.

CloudVOICE provides features generally available only to large companies, without the cost, hassle and limitations of owning a PBX system.

The service is ideal for small and medium sized businesses, including travel agencies, hotels and guest houses, multi-branch small businesses and also ideal for atoll schools and college campuses.

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  • Smarter Savings
    Avoid initial investments on hardware. You are only required to pay monthly subscription and call charges.
  • Scalable
    No need to buy spare capacity for future expansion. Expand as your business grows.
  • Better Control
    Equipped with features such as Call Waiting, Call Transfer and Call Waiting etc, which can handle your calls more efficiently and give you better control over your business opportunities. 
  • Multi-location phones
    Increase your productivity, by connecting all your business operations (e.g. Head office, shops, showrooms etc) via the same private phone network at a low cost. 
  • Take your extensions with you via internet phone applications on PC, Android and iPhone
  • Use the same short extension number to make and receive calls on the move

  • Use your mobile address book and call history to make calls on the CloudVOICE service
  • SOHO
    Monthly (MVR)
    Extension/Phone Numbers
    Concurrent Calls
  • Office Starter
    Monthly (MVR)
    Extension/Phone Numbers
    Concurrent Calls
  • Office Pro
    Monthly (MVR)
    Extension/Phone Numbers
    Concurrent Calls


    Contact one of our sales representatives or just write to us at . A dedicated account manager will assist you with all your needs.

    Prerequisites for the service:
    A working internet connection from Dhiraagu (ADSL or Dedicated Internet Access)
    A working LAN 

    Office Starter
    Office Pro
    Activation Fee (MVR) MVR 250 MVR 250  MVR 250
    Monthly Fee (MVR) 190 260 360 
    Professional Setup Charges (MVR) 250  500 750
    Extensions / Phone Numbers 5 10
    Concurrent Calls 1 2 3
    *Limited by the number of extensions

    Features common to all packages

    Call Transfer Enables you to forward/relocate an existing call to another phone
    Call Pick Up Allows you to answer an incoming call via another phone.
    Direct Call Pick Up Allows you to answer a specific phone, when two or more phones are ringing
    Direct Inward Dialing Incoming calls are directed to phones without the need for an operator.
    Call Hunting Incoming calls can be automatically directed to an alternative phone in case the call is not answered or the line is busy
    Camp-on Busy Gives a signal that informs a busy user that a caller is waiting to be connected.
    Automatic Call-Back Allows you to request a call-back from a line that is busy or not answered as soon as it becomes available
    Call Hold Put a call on hold so that you can attend another call.
    Call Waiting Enables you to answer the incoming call while you are able to put the first caller on "Hold".
    Call Park/Retrieve Allows you to put a call on hold on one phone and continue the conversation from another phone.
    Call Forwarding Re-direct incoming calls to another phone.
    Do Not Disturb Temporarily disable all incoming calls.
    Distinctive Ringing Allows you to set different ringing tones and enable you to differentiate between internal and external calls
    Web Portal Provides a web-based control panel for the customer to manage the service on “Administrative” and “User” levels.
    Once - off (MVR)
    Monthly (MVR)
    Concurrent Calls - 50 
    Extensions / Phone Numbers - 20
    Per Extension troubleshooting / Configuration 150 -

    Admin Log in:
    If you are the admin, please log in to;

    • Add new lines to the system
    • Set up call groups
    • Configure extensions

    Click here to log in to admin portal

    User/Extension Log in
    If you are the extension user, click the end user portal link below which provides a web interface to your phone settings and allows you to;
    • View recent calls
    • Set up your contacts
    • Change your phone and system settings

    Click here to log in to end user portal
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