ADSL Broadband

"High speed broadband internet for your home"

Dhiraagu Fixed Broadband service gives you the best value and the fastest speeds in the nation! 

  • These ADSL Broadband packages are ideal for homes with light to medium internet usage, with speeds up to 15M
  • Get even faster speeds with our range of Fibre Broadband packages with speeds up to 100M
  • In all these packages, enjoy complete ease-of-mind with NO excess usage charges! 
  • We also provide internet safety for safe browsing for your kids via our Parental Control Service

  • Get Started
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    ADSL Set Up Charges
        Standard Fee (MVR)
      If you have an active telephone line 150
      If you have a working cable in the premises 250
      If a new cable needs to be installed

    • Rates indicated are subject to 6% GST.

  • Boosters

    Reached your fair usage allowance?
    Activate a Boosters to retain high speeds and get extra GBs.

     See information below to see the available Boosters depending on your Broadband Package. 

    Package Booster 3GB Booster 8GB Booster 15GB Booster 30GB Booster 75GB Booster 100GB
    Broadband 4M

    Broadband 4M Standard

    Broadband 4M Plus

    Broadband 4M Premium

    Broadband 10M Plus

    Broadband 10M Premium

    Broadband 15M

    Just activate your preferred Boosters through the portal, by calling 123 or by visiting Customer Service Centre.

    • Each applicable Boosters can be activated up to 5 times per month
    • Boosters cannot be carried forwarded and will be valid till the end of the Calendar month even if there is any unused data
    • Boosters charges will be applied on top of the monthly fee of your package where appropriate.

    • Rates indicated are subject to 6% GST.
  • Check Usage
    You can check your usage through the portal
  • Promotion
    Here’s your chance to experience a fixed broadband package, with higher speeds and more data allowance with no additional charge.

    Simply check your package change eligibility from the table below.

    You can request for a package change via:

    • MyAccount
    • Visit our Customer Service Centre

    Terms & Conditions
    • Customers will be eligible for a one change per month
    • After the package change, customers will be able to experience a ADSL package with higher speeds and allowance at the same price as their initial package for two months.
    • Any change requests from ADSL to Fibre is not included in this promotion.
    • The new package monthly rental will be applied after 2 months. Customers can change back to their initial package if they wish before the end of the 2 month promotion period.
    • To ensure that your has been package changed, customers should apply for package change minimum 3 working days before end of 2 month period.
    • For customers who are on Broadband 2M Unlimited, Broadband 4M Basic and Fibre 5M basic, who opt to change their package back once the 2 month promotional period is over, they will have to choose another package from the Fixed Broadband packages we have available at the time. 
    • Customers who change their packages back to their initial package will not be eligible for any future package change promotions in the next 12 months.

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